Youths get executive briefing on 1Malaysia

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 Some 10,000 youths attending the National Youth Day gathering at the Malacca International Trade Centre were glued to their seats as Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak called them to embrace the concept of 1Youth 1Malaysia as to ensure unity in the country is further strengthened by the future generation.
Speaking through the pre-recorded video message that was aired to the youths, Najib, said by adopting the concept, the Government’s vision of 1Malaysia would not just end with the current generation.

“A thousand steps begin with one and the nation and its people would not become one if its youths were not united. Having said this, it is the responsibility of the youths as the future generation to continue this noble effort by continuing to nurture national solidarity that has been built over the years.

“The national solidarity is further strengthened with the 1Malaysia concept and the 1Youth 1Malaysia initiative is to complement it. Any failure in ensuring this concept, all our achievements to date would disintegrate just like that,” he told the youth.

Najib’s deputy, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, opened the gathering. Also present were Malacca Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam and Youth and Sports Minister Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek.
Najib said that the youths of today, especially those born after the country gained Independence, would be in the best position to realise the 1Malaysia concept as they did not go through the hardship, struggle and sacrifices of the past generation to achieve what we, as Malaysians, are enjoying today.

In calling for the people to uphold the Malaysian perspective, Najib said people are of various religions and ethnic groups, must appreciate and accept that each and every one of us was born in Malaysia.

Najib also challenged the youths of today to come forward and contribute towards the development of the country and not just watch the progress from the sidelines.

“Let us all unite and create history. Join my administration as active participants and let us join forces to bring transformation and changes towards creating the Malaysia that we dream of. I am most confident that as young people, you certainly have many ideas to share in generating national development.

“In fact, the view that only the government knows best for the youths is outdated. To understand the aspiration of the youths, the government is now more prepared to hear the voices of the youths and to have empathy for the opinions, woes, grouses, views and suggestions,” he said, to the thunderous applause of those gathered.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Prime Minister in addressing the youths called them to look for the similarities between the various culture, race and religion and stop looking at the differences.

“Youths have to look deep within themselves and embrace the 1 Youth concept and then translate it into the 1 Malaysia concept. We hope that the youths would be able to translate their responsibility in fostering closer ties and to preserve, if not improve the unity in the country, as it is not the sole responsibility of the Government and certain quarters but all Malaysians.

“None of us are exempted from this,” he said, adding that the responsibility should come by placing the interest of the nation and its people first and also to think and act rationally based on our respective religious teachings.

“Whatever action, taken by each and everyone of us, no matter has small it is, would surely have its consequences in the community, be it for the good or otherwise. Due to this think first before taking any action, especially those related to the sensitivity of the people and the community in our surroundings,” he said.

Earlier, Muhyiddin, after performing Friday prayers at the Al-Rahmah Mosque in Bukit Rambai, here, called on the leadership of Islamic political parties to unite to strengthen the “ummah” (people) and their economy.

He said disunity and quarrels among Muslims in the country would lead to its destruction.

Source : New Straits Times

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