Workforce is Key Towards Transformation

By Saturday April 30th, 2011 No Comments

First of all I would like to wish all workers in Malaysia Happy Labour Day. Every year we celebrate this very significant day to give recognition to the service of workers in the development of our beloved country Malaysia.

It is undeniable that the transformation of the nation from a low-income agricultural country into a modern industrialised nation in just five decades was made possible by a dynamic and highly productive Malaysian workforce.

Malaysia today aspires to be a fully developed high-income nation. The Government has already put in place the necessary foundations to transform the government and the economy to realise this goal. However without the support and commitment by the workers this vision will ultimately be only a dream.

The aim to become a developed high-income nation will benefit all Malaysians. However, all parties must be willing to prepare themselves to reap and make full use of the opportunities that will arise from this national ambition. A fully developed Malaysia will require workers who are productive, competitive, multi-skilled and highly knowledgable.

A fully developed Malaysia will see the improvement of basic infrastructure provided by the government. Our children will have access to better housing,  better medical services and better education. But for all this to become reality, it requires us to roll up our sleeves, persevere and double our efforts.

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