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Time seems to fly by quickly these days. Nevertheless, in the last eight months, I believe we have been making great strides towards transforming Malaysia into a more competitive, more united nation. This year we have unveiled the Government Transformation Programme, the New Economic Model and the 10th Malaysia Plan as measures that will
chart the course for the nation’s development as we approach the year 2020. These measures also promote greater inclusiveness and emphasis on social justice so that no Malaysian is left behind in our steady march forwards. For your information, the Ministry of Finance, other Ministries and agencies have already started discussions on the 2011 National Budget.

In this regard, I feel yet again the significance of connecting with and seeking ideas directly from the Rakyat on the ground. It was with the principles of inclusiveness and social justice in mind that I had asked for my fellow Malaysians to contribute suggestions for the 2010 National Budget. I remember well the hundreds of solid suggestions for our Budget on how to make Malaysia a better economy, a more progressive economy. Indeed, your ideas made up a significant portion of the budget as a result. For your feedback and suggestions, I thank you and invite you once more to share your ideas for the upcoming 2011 National Budget. Let me know what areas of development you would like to see prioritised for next year.

Being online, I have also received some wonderful suggestions and feedback from the younger Malaysian community. I would like to also invite you to come forward with creative ideas and solutions for the coming Budget 2011. I urge everyone to use this opportunity to participate and input your suggestions. You are, after all, the generation that will be driving our country’s economy for the next twenty years. Post your suggestions below and I hope to find some inspiring and innovative ideas that will benefit all Malaysians.

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