‘We won’t surrender an inch’

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ONLY the current Barisan Nasional leadership can ensure that the position of Malays and Islam in the country remains unchanged, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak yesterday.

In his rousing speech to more than 12,000 Pekida (Malaysian Islamic Missionary and Welfare Organisation) members at its general assembly, Najib also pledged that his party, Umno, would not allow the Malay race to be oppressed in its own land.

“We will not surrender even an inch!” he said to cheers from the audience at the Shah Alam polytechnic here.

Najib said the government should be given more time to help rural Malaysians to catch up with those from the urban areas. This was needed to be fair to them.

He said the government would be extending its RM500 aid to families with monthly incomes below RM3,000 next month, just as it had recently extended the RM100 aid to all pupils nationwide, regardless of whether they were from public or private schools.

Najib asked the audience to question themselves on what would happen if the country’s leadership were to fall into others’ hands.

“We should ask ourselves what will happen to Muslims if the leadership is in tatters.

“What will happen to the religion if we lose our edge? What will happen to the sovereignty of our Malay rulers if we are no longer here to uphold their sovereignty?” he said, adding that the

Malays were able to live as a dignified race because of the present leadership.

He pointed out that even without power, the opposition had made outrageous claims, such as reducing the civil service by half and declaring its wish to change the flag.

“They also tarnish the sovereignty of the rulers and Malays even when they have no power.

“Malays have never been an extreme, racist race. Since Merdeka, we have willingly shared power with non-Malays by extending our hands to them in creating a harmonious nation.”

He urged members to close ranks and stop any in-fighting in establishing Pekida as an organisation that was at the forefront in championing Malay and Islamic causes.

Its president, Jamaluddin Yusof said Pekida understood the importance of defending the BN leadership in the 13th general election to ensure that opportunities for the Malay community were not sidelined.

Source : New Straits Times

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