‘We welcome new ideas’

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THE government is always open to new ideas and opinions from young people to develop and transform the nation.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said the younger generation today could be considered as superheroes because they have the power to make changes.

“And when all the superheroes work hand-in-hand with the government, all our transformation programmes can become a reality easily,” he said in his speech at the “Youth Defined: Shape Our Future” dinner last night.

The programme was attended by some 500 undergraduates from institutions of higher learning in the country.

Najib said the government was also open to constructive criticism as this offered a better solution to an issue or problem.

“You can criticise the government; the opposition does it every day. But, can they offer something better?”

Najib said the strength of a nation today was not judged by its military prowess, but the empire of the mind. Superior ideas could bring success despite global competition, he added.

“That is why we encourage it and we listen to the people. You represent the young people in the country and we must listen. This is part of the engagement process with the young people.”

He said the government was working hard to ensure a prosperous and developed Malaysia before 2020.

“We are working hard today so that when you receive the baton one day, you will inherit a developed nation.

“So my message to the young people today is that we are here for you. I like to work with you.

“If you have good ideas, we will take it to the board. This is not mere political rhetoric but something which we must back with empowerment and plans.”

Source : New Straits Times

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