Waris Malaya Proof Of Youths Support For BN, Says Najib

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KLANG, April 14 (Bernama)– Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said youth movement Waris Malaya, which officially became Sahabat Barisan Nasional (A Friend of the Barisan Nasional) today, shows youths always support the Barisan Nasional (BN).

“Who says youths do not support the BN, isn’t Waris Malaya made up of youths,” he said when launching Waris Malaya as Sahabat Barisan Nasional at Dataran Transformasi Kampung Jalan Kebun here.

He said the gathering of people at the function which included those still in their teens and not old enough to vote yet, was a reflection and manifestation of a ‘hurricane’ blowing in Selangor.

“It will crush anyone who tries to reject change demanded by the people in Selangor who want to bring the BN to be back in power in the state,” he said.

Najib said whether those gathered were old or young, what was important was their spirit in wanting to see the BN return to power in Selangor.

Telling them to make the change in the upcoming election, Najib said they were actually taken for a ride by the empty promises made by the opposition in the 2008 general election.

According to him, among promises not kept by the Selangor government were lowering the assessment rates, allowances for kindergarten children, allowances for full-time mothers and various other allowances.

Instead, the prime minister said, it was the BN that extended aid to the people through the 1Malaysia People’s Aid Programme (BR1M) whereby households with monthly incomes below RM3,000 were given one-off cash aid of RM500, schooling aid of RM100 per student, book vouchers worth RM200 for each student pursuing tertiary education and the 1Malaysia clinics.

“Only BN can guarantee the future of this country and our leaders are responsible to make Malaysia more progressive and prosperous through the economy which has grown tremendously in addition to new wealth being generated.

“The more the country is developed, the more prosperous the people because they will have jobs provided by the government through the Economic Transformation Plan that we are implementing. More than 300,000 (jobs) have been and will be provided,” he said.

Najib said it was time for Malaysians to look forward to a new era through transformation and not reformation because the former was better than the latter.

“If you do not believe, ask Senator Ezam Mohd Noor (the patron of Waris Malaya). He has left the ‘reformasi’ (reformation) movement because he no longer believes in it.

“Reformasi resulted with chairs being thrown, Bersih 1.0, Bersih 2.0 , Bersih 3.0. BN’s transformation brings about positive changes for the people, we give priority to jobs, we give BR1M aid,” he said.

He said the reformasi movement only gathered people on the streets because someone wanted to be a champion but in reality only inconvenienced the people.

“No need to hold street protests but assemble peacefully and behave responsibly because Malaysia is a blessed nation and must be defended,” he said.

Najib said the BN was capable of bringing about massive changes in Selangor if it came back into power in the state.

He drew attention to the many problems people were facing in Selangor now including the issue of clean water supply following the failure on the part of the PKR government in tackling it.

“Selangor cannot be left out from the changes that are coming…it will be difficult if Selangor is held by others, difficult to get land approval, difficult to get clean water supply.

“There will be a water crisis soon because the state government is blocking the Langat 2 water treatment project. We (Federal government) want to go ahead with it but they do not want to give the development order. This will result in a water crisis,” he said.

He said because of a fear of a water crisis, investors were also afraid to increase factories in the state that could provide jobs to the people of Selangor. “The problem can actually be resolved through negotiataions but if this is not to be, the better option is through choosing the BN in the general election,” he added.

At the function, Najib also thanked the organisers for being given a pillion ride on one of the motorcycles in the convoy that escorted him from the KESAS toll plaza at Bukit Kemuning to Kampung Jalan Kebun, the venue of the launch.

Also at the function, Waris Malaya president Sheikh Whessal Sheikh Ahmad said the non-governmental organisation was formed in December last year to shield the country from leaders who were being made tools of foreign powers.

Source : Bernama

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