Unik initiative counting down to lift-off

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PUTRAJAYA: Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak announced 23 ecosystem and wealth creation initiatives to attract billions of ringgit in investment and unleash the nation’s potential intellectual wealth.

Dubbed the “Innovation Lift-off”, he said the Special Innovation Unit (Unik) of the Prime Minister’s Department had earmarked 113 research and development (R&D) findings with high potential for commercialisation.

He added that intellectual property from local universities and research institutes would be channeled into commercial ventures that would tap into a global market valued at RM316bil.

Najib said eight projects originating from research programmes and public universities “is just the tip of the iceberg” of the potential of Malaysian scientists and researchers.

The R&D findings are part of 113 high potential projects selected from around 1,000 research projects from five local universities and two research institutes.

“The hidden wealth from these projects is expected to be unleashed before the second quarter of next year,” Najib said yesterday.

“To become an innovative nation, we need a mental transformation in the Government, industry and the education sector. This is to shape the attitude of our future generations. This is our mission,” he added.

The projects in “Innovation Lift-off” are divided into three segments new wealth creation, intellectual property from universities and public research institutes and eco-system initiatives.

Najib said some of the other ecosystem projects included the Taylor’s Food and Nutrition Innovation Accelerator at Taylor’s University School of Biosciences, while Unik would establish an international collaboration between those in the academic field, Government and industry for research innovation within the field of food and nutrition.

He said the initiatives were expected to become a “new direction that will positively impact wealth creation”.

The wealth creation will see the development of a strategic impact project which is the oil palm biomass roadmap to Malaysia.

Four ground-up projects will be created electricity from every window, energy management for the future; enabling cashless small businesses and cutting-edge technology for the LED industry.

Najib said innovation had been identified as the main mechanism to improve Malaysia’s competitiveness and to attain the objectives of the New Economic Model.

Source : The Star

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