The Year of Creativity and Innovation

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We are fast approaching the end of a decade and the start of another.  Since 2000, we have seen highly innovative products emerge, such as the iPhone, BlackBerry, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, as well as witnessed the seemingly unstoppable rise of Google, changing the way we consume media, share information and communicate with one another.  The next decade will prove no less exciting.  

Countries favouring innovation, such as Japan, Finland and the United States, develop more advanced economies as a result.  Innovation creates jobs and boosts national competitiveness. This is why we, too, must make a creative impact in a competitive global economy.  We must not allow ourselves to be left behind.

When announcing Budget 2010 recently, I said that a new economic model, based on innovation, creativity and high value-added activities, will more than double the per capita income of the rakyat over the next 10 years.

In support of this is the 1Malaysia concept, or the need to tap into the creative abilities of all Malaysians.  As an international expert recognised recently , “1Malaysia fits nicely with innovation.  Talent is just not in one culture, it is distributed.”

The new year, 2010, will be the Year of Creativity and Innovation. In the first quarter, we will be launching a National Innovation Centre (MyNIC) supported by a network of innovation excellence centres.  The purpose of the MyNIC is simple: to advance our scientific and technological capabilities.

Measures such as our recently established Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and National Key Result Areas (NKRAs) will meanwhile instill a culture of innovation in the public sector. 

With the arrival of a 4G Innovation Network by the end of 2010, bringing high-speed broadband to all parts of Malaysia, there will be further opportunities to innovate.  Indeed, the World Bank has said that a 10% rise in broadband penetration correlates to a 1.3% GDP increase.  

As our innovation story continues to unfold, I will bring you updates. I would also be interested to hear your success stories and/or personal tips to be more creative!

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