The Presentation of the Pemudah Annual Report 2009

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Yang Berbahagia Tan Sri Sidek Hassan;
Chief Secretary to the Government, and Co-Chair of PEMUDAH,

Yang Berbahagia Tan Sri Yong;
President of the Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers, and Co-Chair of PEMUDAH,

PEMUDAH Members,

Members of the media,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Assalamualaikum and Good Morning.

First and foremost I want to record my appreciation to the members of PEMUDAH. If you recall this Special Taskforce to Facilitate Business, or PEMUDAH as it is known, was established on 7 February 2007. This Task Force was formed with the sole objective of spearheading the formulation and implementation of measures to enhance public service delivery and improve Malaysia’s business environment. To achieve this aim, the membership of PEMUDAH was carefully selected to comprise the most respected representatives of the private and public sectors.

2. Over the past hour I was briefed by PEMUDAH on the work that has been done and the initiatives that are still in the pipeline. They informed me that in the first two years that they focused on “low hanging fruits” tackling efficiency issues. In this they worked with Ministries and agencies to bring about improvements. The past year they have been taking on the higher hanging fruits by making significant contributions to the review of policies that have a significant bearing on Malaysia’s investment environment. These include the review of the FIC Guidelines, the Distributive Trade Guidelines, Competition Policy, Employment matters and Government Procurement. PEMUDAH members also collaborated with the Judiciary in the establishment of the New Commercial Courts.

3. Even as they focused on the higher hanging fruits, they continued to work on efficiency matters and the improvements include:

i. the time taken to start a business has been reduced to 3 days from 11 days previously;

ii. on 1 September 2009, the Judiciary launched the New Commercial Courts (NCC) in Kompleks Mahkamah Jalan Duta which can dispose commercial cases except for those related to Intellectual Property and Muamalat, in 270 days from an average disposal time of 585 days, previously;

iii. from 1 January 2010 MyCoID is the standard identification number of a business entity for use in its interaction with Government agencies;

iv. registering standard landed properties, is reduced to 2 days from 41 days previously. For non-standard cases, registration of landed property will be reduced to 10 days from 41 days previously.

4. Even as I enumerated the list of improvements undertaken, it is important to note the fact that the problem-solving undertaken PEMUDAH involved the relevant private sector representatives. AND that these private sector members participated in the process not only to highlight issues but to also propose practical solutions. Therein lies the significance of PEMUDAH: that it has brought about mind-set change in public-private sector engagement, where both sides are partners in bringing about improvements in the delivery system. A product of this partnership is the Guidebook on Registering Property that we are also launching today.

5. Before going into the details of the Guidebook, allow me to explain a little more on the way we work in PEMUDAH. Given the breadth of reforms and improvements that needed to be undertaken we set up Focus Groups to hasten the process of problem-solving. We started with the areas where Malaysia did not perform well on the World Bank Ease of Doing Business Survey and which had a significant impact on the business and investment environment. This included the Focus Group on Registering Property.

6. This morning we are here to share with you the work of this Group, which comprised representatives from the public and private sectors as well as consumer groups with an interest in this task. The Group worked on enhancing transparency in the process of registering property, whether free-hold, lease-hold or strata-titled properties, purchased either from property developers or from the owner.
7. The results of the work of this Focus Group are documented in this Guidebook. It is designed to enable for the man-on-the-street navigate through the system by providing diagrams and charts as well as a glossary and contact numbers of relevant agencies and departments.

8. The Focus Group engaged the relevant Government agencies to improve the processes such that the number of days to register a property, on average, has been reduced from 144 days to 2 days for those using the Sistem Tafsiran Penilaian Hartanah, STPH, with valuation.

9. This and the other improvements I listed are just a few of the improvements made by PEMUDAH. The complete list is available in the 2009 Annual Report.

10. And this is not the end, by April 2010, the various Focus Groups established under PEMUDAH will be delivering improvements on:
i. Government Procurement;
ii. Labour legislation;
iii. Closing a Business;
iv. Dealing with Licences; and
v. Trade Facilitation.

11. Clearly PEMUDAH has more than met my expectations. Even as I commend the dedication and commitment of the PEMUDAH members, I must also thank the members of the civil service who have responded so positively to the proposals of PEMUDAH and translated the proposals into reality. The success of any improvement initiative in its implementation. Given that PEMUDAH initiatives are inclusive and done collaboratively, I am confident that the public sector will give their full support to ensure that these improvements are implemented. This is necessary to ensure that the improvements become part of the system to such an extent that it can be taken for granted.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

12. The mark of this Government has been its willingness to consider the concerns of the business community and the public at large. This is what the tagline: 1Malaysia, People First, Performance Now is all about. This Government is all about being sensitive and responsive to their concerns of the people. I would like to see PEMUDAH doubling your efforts in ensuring that PEMUDAH contributes significantly towards the Government’s efforts to transform the economy. I have stressed this many times and it bears repeating: 2010 must see the focus on enhancing Government efficiency and processes. We must accelerate decision-making including with respect to policies, approvals and contracts. PEMUDAH has provided an excellent forum for the Government to not only hear of the concerns of industry but also provide an opportunity to the private sector to work with Government on solutions to the concerns.

13. In the face of the global economic challenges it is important that Malaysia continues its drive to ensure that this country remains competitive, and stays as the preferred destination for trade and investments. In this context, I envisage that PEMUDAH will remain vital and relevant to the business community and the citizens of Malaysia in the years ahead.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

14. I look forward to more improvements and creative solutions from PEMUDAH not only for enhancing the ease of doing business but also improving the quality of life of our citizens. I am pleased to note that PEMUDAH also monitors implementation of these initiatives. True to its “No Wrong Door” Policy, PEMUDAH encourages feedback from members of the public and business community through its website.

15. The robust and inclusive private and public sector engagement has resulted in a change in the way both sectors regard and work with each other to effect improvement in the public delivery system. This must continue and become integral to the way Malaysia functions.

16. On this note it is with pleasure that I officially receive the 2009 Annual Report of PEMUDAH launch the Registering Property Guidebook. Thank you.

Wabillahittaufik walhidayah wassalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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