The Pleasure of a Good Book

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The Pleasure of a Good Book

Given that most of my time is dedicated to my duties as Prime Minister, I cherish the rare moments that I can spend however I want to. Like reading a book.

I did just that recently and picked up the biography of the late Steve Jobs. Books like this are what I grew up on: history, strategic thinking, and biographical accounts of public figures. A quick glance around my library will show you that not much has changed; my reading preferences still veer towards non-fiction writings.

Admittedly, they don’t offer the sort of possibilities and scenarios that fictions do, which are limited only by imagination. Yet non-fiction books underline a powerful message: that of the true human condition. These are narratives rooted in real situations, real trials and triumphs, experienced by people like us, not constructs of our imagination. In turn, they inspire numerous reinterpretations on print, screen, and stage, which I’m sure most of you can name at least a few. The remarkable fortitude of icons like Nelson Mandela, or Sir Winston Churchill, or the invaluable insights of Malcolm Gladwell or W. Chan Kim and Reneé Maubourgne have and will continue to fuel our aspirations for the future.

I hope that most of you with leisure time on your hands will still indulge in reading as often as you can, because I certainly miss the pleasure of a good book from time to time. Do share your reading recommendations in the comments below; it would be interesting to see what Malaysians are reading nowadays.

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