The Launch Of The 24th MSC Malaysia Implementation Council Meeting

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  1. Dalam mesyuarat kita pada pagi ini, kita akan bincang empat inisiatif yang amat tepat dan “spot on” dari segi bidang keutamaan negara yakni melibatkan:
  • Pembangunan syarikat-syarikat ICT untuk menyediakan “solution” yang diperlukan oleh “market” kita;
  • Usaha kita untuk memperkasakan golongan wanita untuk menambah pendapatan mereka dengan menggunakan ICT;
  • Bagaimana melonjakkan golongan belia untuk menjadi lebih “ICT savvy” dan mengubah lifestyle mereka supaya sejajar dengan Digital Era dan ini juga ada kaitan dengan inisiatif yag dicadangkan di dalam Bajet 2013;
  • Usaha untuk bagaimana boleh meningkatkan produktiviti syarikat-syarikat kita terutama SMEs dengan menggunakan ICT.
  1. Kempat-empat inisiatif itu kena pada tempatnya dan pada ketikanya kerana selaras dengan bidang-bidang keutamaan negara yang ingin diperjuangkan kerajaan.
  2.  This year is significant as MSC Malaysia comes firmly into its own and Digital Malaysia is rolled out to drive our country towards a digital economy.
  3. Having given us a solid base in ICT skills, enterprises and initiatives over the years to reshape our nation and our people in meaningful ways, MSC Malaysia continues to be an instrument of change.  In fact, MDeC announced in May this year that MSC Malaysia’s 2011 performance was its best thus far – exceeding set targets and well positioned for greater growth.
  4. Revenue for MSC Malaysia was at RM31.7 billion in 2011, an increase of 16% from 2010, exports grew by 9% to RM10.12 billion, and MSC Malaysia saw a 25% increase in GDP contribution of RM9.6 billion against a projected target of RM8.7 billion. All these indicators point to the solid foundation created in ICT by MSC Malaysia.

Ladies and Gentleman,

  1.  When Digital Malaysia was conceived, it was with the view of establishing an ecosystem that promotes the pervasive use of ICT in all aspects of the economy for the purpose of connecting communities globally and in real-time to enhance income levels, productivity and standard of living.  MDeC was a natural choice as the body responsible to deliver and realize this initiative.
  2.  We used to speak of shifting from analogue to digital but today digital technology pervades all aspects of our lives. The following statistics will amply illustrate this riality:As of January 2012, the Internet had already reached over 30% of the world’s population, which is equivalent to 2 billion users on the planet. (Socialbakers.com).
  • As of August 2012, Malaysia boasts the 17th highest Facebook population in the world with more than 47% of our population connected on the social network (Socialbakers.com).
  • 2011 proved to be a milestone year for mobile commerce in Malaysia. The total spent on mobile commerce grew from a RM101 million in 2010 to a phenomenal RM467 million, representing a 370% jump in just one year. (PayPal Mobile Commerce Innovation, Insight, Report 2012)
  • Out of this, the Malaysian mobile commerce comprised about a quarter of all online shopping in 2011. By 2015, this market will grow more than seven times to hit RM3.43 billion, indicating that that the nation is upwardly mobile. (PayPal Mobile Commerce Innovation, Insight, Report 2012).
  1. The implications of a “convergence” towards digital technology in the 21st century are monumental and will involve every one of us. According to eMarketer, an estimated 1.8billion (nearly 27%) of the world’s population now use the internet, and that number will grow to almost 2.8 billion (about 38%) by 2015. Not surprisingly, the biggest spike will be in Asia, which will account for more than half of the world’s internet users by 2015. The economic and business potential is enormous.
  2.  According to research firm, International Data Corporation (IDC), the size of total worldwide e-commerce, when global business-to-business and consumer transactions are added together, will equate to USD$16 trillion (RM48.8trillion)  in 2013. According to a French technology research firm, IDate, the global market for digital products and services is estimated to be at  USD$4.4 trillion (RM13.4 trillion) in 2013, thus making the total size of digital economy to be approximately around USD$20.4 trillion, (RM62.2 trillion) equivalent to roughly 13.8% of all sales flowing through the world economy. Given the magnitude of these numbers, it is evident that the digital economy is coming of age.
  3. On the back of all of this, Digital Malaysia has been mapped out and is anchored on three key strategic thrusts that are aimed at creating an ecosystem which promotes the pervasive use of ICT in all aspects of the economy; to connect communities globally and to interact in real time resulting in increased Gross National Income, enhanced productivity and improved standards of living.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

  1.  Progress has been charted and I look forward to hearing further updates on the Digital Malaysia projects and initiatives today. What needs to happen now is for us to accelerate our journey down the path that leads us to a fully realized Digital Malaysia agenda. With plans already in place, the time has come for us to ensure greater inclusiveness of the programme’s stakeholders.
  2.  We have to move fast. I am reminded of Abraham Lincoln’s witty remark, when he said  to the effect that while good things come to those who wait, those things are actually what were left behind by those who hustle. The world does not pay for what you know but for what you do with what you know. And speed is everything. It is an indispensable ingredient in competiveness. I am confident MDeC will speedily and successfully carry out the mandate given so that whatever emerges from Digital Malaysia, will do so in a timely manner.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

  1.  We have all gathered here today as leaders in our own respective areas.  I invite all of you to feel inspired by the possibilities the digital economy has to offer. Government, industry and our community must now work together to harness these opportunities. It is imperative that we all lend our voices, and take the necessary actions to drive the actualisation of a Digital Economy which will spur Malaysia’s transformation.
  2.  The Government, through the Ministry of Science Technology and Innovation will do all it can to provide the right environment, but success requires all parties to play their part. In this, I hope that I can count on all of you to give your very best, to pool your expertise and ideas in the spirit of collaboration, for the good of our people, and the nation.
  3. Under the broader framework of MSC Malaysia, I am enthused by the work we are doing with the Digital Malaysia initiative and by the innovative projects coming into the market to build a Digital Economy. It will certainly be challenging, but with sustained focused and commitment, I believe we will realise it. I look forward to a constructive session with all of you, and I now call upon Datuk Badlisham Ghazali to continue the proceedings.

Thank you.

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