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The 1Week That Was (28 Nov – 3 Dec 2011) - Najib Razak
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The 1Week That Was (28 Nov – 3 Dec 2011)

By Saturday December 10th, 2011 No Comments


Sharing the story of UMNO’s journey as a political party with international participants of ‘The Politics of Economic and Social Transformation in the Era of Global Crisis’ forum, I explained that the economic, political and social transformation journey the BN government has embarked on cannot be delivered if BN isn’t re-elected in the next General Election.


The PR1MA Bill 2011 is the government’s effort to balance the lack of supply of medium-cost houses to ensure the success of the My First House financial scheme. The tabling of the Bill in Dewan Rakyat today indicates the Government’s seriousness in dealing with urban and rural poverty.


I officially opened the 2011 UMNO General Assembly at PWTC KL today. This year’s assembly will focus on strengthening the party’s machinery in gearing up for the upcoming 13th general election.

In conjunction with the 2011 UMNO General Assembly at PWTC I launched my latest book entitled “Driving Transformation” which describes my vision and approaches in uplifting the status Malaysians, especially the Malays. The book also explains in detail the importance of other mechanisms adopted by the current government in a bid to ensure national unity and stability by striking a balance between socio-economy and politics.


I may be biased but I feel that the UMNO General Assembly this year is the most successful and a historic one because it has triggered the start of Umno’s complete revival after the past election. I hope party members are fully aware of the many challenges that lie ahead.

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