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The 1Week That Was (27 February – 4 March 2012)

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27 Feb – Opening of Commissioned Integrity Officers Programme

Despite the decrease in corruption rate, there is still room for the Government to improve on its efforts to combat corruption. The determination to do so must not end in words, but requires action to ensure that corruption is being eradicated in totality and fought against seriously.

27 Feb – PEMUDAH Annual Dinner

I applaud PEMUDAH for their efforts in improving the business environment in Malaysia and in helping drive the country forward at a time when much of the world is either standing still or even in some places, regressing. This in line with Government’s bold and ambitious measures via the Government Transformation Programme, Economic Transformation Programme and National Strategic Reform Initiatives.

28 Feb – Investment Commitment in ECER 1st Quarter 2012

The East Coast Economic Region Project (ECER) has successfully attracted investments worth RM9 billion in the first quarter of this year, almost reaching its 2012 target of RM10 billion. Nine new projects include two projects worth RM5.5 billion in Mersing, Johor, five projects worth RM2 billion in Pahang, a project valued at RM1 billion in Terengganu and another project worth RM500 million in Kelantan.

29 Feb – Launch of Proton Green Mobility Challenge 2012

Innovation in R&D is crucial in driving the development of the country. The PROTON Green Mobility Challenge 2012 is an example of how the industry, academia and Government work together to achieve various objectives to address key issues in the community.

1 Mar – Launch of LHDN’s New Building

The success of the Inland Revenue Board (LHDN) in improving last year’s revenue collection of close to 27% higher than the previous year is an extraordinary achievement.

2 Mar – Walkabout Programme in Kelantan

I asked the people of Kelantan to give their mandate to the BN government so that the Government can solve the problems faced by the people of this state.


The Government also recognises the importance of knowledge – therefore, the establishment of Universiti Malaysia Kelantan is evident of Government’s seriousness in providing access to education to the people, in particular, the people of Kelantan.

2 Mar –Reduction of Toll Rate at the Cheras-Kajang Highway


The reduction of the toll reflects the Government’s sincerity in easing the Rakyat’s economic burden especially in the current economic situation.

4 Mar – 1Malaysia People’s Welfare Programme (KAR1SMA)

The Government has allocated RM1.4 billion to assist about 500,000 welfare recipients through the 1Malaysia People’s Welfare Programme (KAR1SMA). This assistance is being provided on a monthly basis to the eligible target groups.
My advice to Government agencies was – “Do not wait until they come to us, we should go to them, do not trouble them, but instead help them solve problems, this is our new approach.”

4 Mar – At the BN Youth Music Festival

I am very impressed with the approach taken by the BN Youth in reaching out to young people through music compared to the traditional ways in the past, that was through youth associations.

Congratulations to the winners of the BN Youth Music Festival!

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