The 1Week That Was (26.9.2011 – 30.9.2011)

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I stressed that the Government’s transformation agenda is not about insulating the country from the vagaries of change but to achieve resilience and adaptability to the unpredicted shocks. (Khazanah Megatrends Forum 2011)



I want the 21st century Malay to stop relying on government protection. Instead, be open-minded and competitive, and gain the strength and determination to succeed in any field. (Launch of United Malay Economic Action Council)



I called for the formulation of a standard Islamic management as the benchmark for Islamic practices and services among administrators of Islamic affairs in the country. I am also of the opinion that in carrying out their responsibilities, public officers in religious departments as well as religious teachers should adopt a critical and constructive way of thinking. (Launch of Islamic Management Transformation Carnival 2011)

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