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The 1Week That Was (23 – 29 Jan 2012)

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I joined my friends, colleagues and Malaysians in ushering in the Chinese New Year of the Water Dragon. As Malaysian tradition has it, the Yee Sang takes centre stage to welcome a prosperous new year and the Open Houses bring together family and friends from all races. Thank you to both MCA and Gerakan for having me at their Open House events.


On the second day of the Chinese New Year, I attended BN’s CNY Open House in Georgetown, Penang. Huge turnout and lively performances.

Martial arts associations are formed to foster positive values ​​among Malaysians. – 1Malaysia Pendekar Night agile Malaysia Martial Art Association.


At the launch of the World Chinese Economic Forum’s Global Business Council, I mentioned that in the current economic climate, with the Eurozone still in a precarious financial situation, it falls to this part of the world, the East, particularly to China, India, Asean and the Gulf states – to fuel global recovery and to propel world economic growth.


I spent a day in Perlis today, starting with breakfast at the Pasar Sehari Behor Lateh where I announced the Government’s allocation of RM1.1 million to upgrade the market’s infrastructure.

I then later met with the settlers of Felda Chuping, where I assured them that their benefits would not be affected by the listing of Felda Global Ventures Holdings Sdn Bhd at the main board of Bursa Malaysia.


Attended the national-level Chinese New Year open house with 50,000 other people at the Sitiawan airfield in Lumut, Perak. I announced the government’s decision to gazette the Johor Baru Chingay procession as a national heritage.

I was amazed that 30,000 personnel turnout at the RELA assembly held in MAEPS, Serdang today. I shared with them some good news: the government has approve the application to increase the duty allowance of RELA volunteers by RM2 per hour.

I launched the pedestrian walkway linking KLCC and the Pavilion Shopping Centre in Bukit Bintang, which is part of the Greater Kuala Lumpur/Klang Valley NKRA’s “Comprehensive Pedestrian Network” initiative. The public can now travel within the area on foot comfortably in the fully air-conditioned walkway.


Had another round of Yee Sang, this time at Perak MCA’s Chinese New Year Open House in Ipoh, Perak.

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