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The 1Week That Was (17 – 23 Oct 2011)

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Government is going to put in place a National Aviation Policy defining all key aspects of Malaysian aviation for the clarity of all stakeholders. The policy would give Malaysia an important boost as we take the next step forward to a brighter and more defined future for Malaysian aviation.



Under the 1Malaysia Rakyat Menu, you can get your complete nutritional needs for as low as RM3. I tasted almost all the dishes served by Restoran Ukhwah in Medan Tuanku, KL under this Menu and they were all delicious. I expect restaurants taking part in the program to ensure standards and quality of food served under the Menu are maintained.


At the Perdana Media Night, I reminded the press to play their role in emphasising the right values amongst Malaysians. Values such as empathy, moderation, being sensitive, mutual respect and doing everything we can to keep Malaysians in harmony. (Perdana Media Night).





I asserted that the Digital Malaysia program must be seen as a pillar of the transformation for the nation. We need a healthy climate that intensifies innovation, investment and talent growth. I hope all sectors will be quick to foster an ecosystem driven by ICT.

(The 23rd Implementation Council Meeting and the 14th MSC Malaysia International Advisory Panel)



I met with President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono in Lombok, Indonesia for our annual consultation and we have successfully reached a number of positive outcomes, all with a common goal of mutual prosperity of both nations. Very happy that on 1st of December the freeze on Indonesian domestic helpers to work in Malaysia will be lifted.



I was at the “Jom ke Deepavali” concert in Lebuh Ampang where I urged Malaysian Indians to put their “nambikei” trust in the Government in creating change for Malaysians.






It was a first time for me, but I truly enjoyed hosting the football viewing party in Seri Perdana for several hundred of my online friends. It was a thrilling evening with great company. (Sunday Night Football @ Seri Perdana)



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