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The 1Week That Was (12 – 18 Sept 2011)

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Extremely proud that Malaysians now have the opportunity to study world-class medicine locally. Students are now offered curriculums by highly prestigious Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland.


Had a positive session with Steve Forbes chairing the talk session at the Forbes Global CEO conference. I mentioned that our professionals are underpaid – salaries should now commensurate with skills and talents in accordance with international standards.


Well done to Proton for supporting Government’s call to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by working on the development of electric cars. I hope they will see to the commercialisation of the project.


It was a historic moment. But to me it was also necessary. The special Hari Malaysia announcement would pave a new era for Malaysia. Let’s move on and bring the country to greater heights!


It was hard not to notice the splendid display of unity at the Merdeka – Hari Malaysia parade at Dataran Merdeka. To those who had participated in the parade, well done for an extremely good parade.


Quite a refreshing experience to be amongst our young people at  the Konsert Suara Kami. It was hard to ignore the persistent tweets asking me to attend, so I dropped by for a while. Such tremendous energy our youth has! Thanks for the warm welcome and thanks too for considering me “sempoi”!









Back in my hometown again, this time to host a Raya Open House in Taman Tasik Sultan Abu Bakar, Pekan. Thanks to the 50,000 who had taken time to come. Hope you enjoyed yourself!

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