The 1Malaysia Clinic

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In the 2010 Budget, and as part of our effort to apply the highest medical care methods and standards for all Malaysians, I announced the RM10 million establishment of new 1Malaysia Clinics across our nation.  These clinics were conceived in the spirit of “People First, Performance Now” to provide immediate healthcare to all Malaysians in housing areas in need of basic services.

Since 28 December 2009, and the opening of the first service in Lembah Pantai, fifty 1Malaysia Clinics have been launched in selected urban areas. More than 100,000 people have passed through their doors (representing an average of 80 to 200 patients per clinic every day) to date, seeking light treatment for complaints such as headaches and colds.  

When opening 1Malaysia Clinics in Kampung Kerinchi and PPRT Lembah Taman Putra Damai in early January, I saw for myself how the needs of local people can be served. These clinics are intended to be both accessible and affordable.

Residents unable to receive treatment from private clinics, either because they are too far from where they live or because their services are too expensive, will now have a practical alternative (1Malaysia Clinics complement, rather than replace, existing health services).

1Malaysia Clinics are community clinics that are strategically located and open daily for 12 hours, from 10am to 10pm. Qualified nurses and medical assistants with at least five years’ experience provide quality treatment for just RM1 (non-Malaysians will have to pay RM15).

1Malaysia Clinics have proved popular thus far, but we will not rest on our laurels.  The  Government will continue to monitor the effectiveness of these clinics, to ensure that the needs of the rakyat are adequately addressed.  If you have used one yourself already, please share your thoughts on your experience and how you think we can improve the concept further, by submitting a comment here.

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