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On Tuesday, I called for national unity and an increased dialogue exploring Malaysia’s unique diversity. Since then, this website has been visited by over 60,000 people and over 2,500 of you have provided comments. I could not be happier with the response and am overwhelmed by both the passion and the content of your remarks. Terima kasih!

To me, this reflects a willingness and readiness of Malaysians to share their views and ideas and, in doing so, contribute to making this country a better place for all of us. I must also apologise for not being able to respond immediately to all the comments because it takes some time for me to go through them. Although I will not be able to respond to each comment individually, over time I hope to speak on the various issues raised by all of you.

Clearly issues like unity, the economy, security, and education, among other things, are very important concerns for many of us, judging from the comments sent to this website. Many of you took time to write lengthy notes to express your views and I truly appreciate your passion for those serious matters that you raised and I welcome your constructive criticism. I look forward to discussing them with you here. This is precisely why this website has been established – so that we can really share our thoughts and try to figure out the best way forward for this beautiful country that we collectively call our home.

By the way, some people who posted comments referred to 1Malaysia as a “government website”. I want to make it clear that, while I am part of the government, this is my personal website and not a government site.

Finally, I would like to add that this website is still a work in progress and I do apologise for whatever shortcomings it may have. I hope to be able to gradually improve 1Malaysia with additional features and content so that your visits here will be pleasant, meaningful, and informative. Meanwhile, I will try to regularly update the site with news and responses to your comments.

Thank you once again for visiting Let’s keep this conversation going!

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