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Thaipusam - Najib Razak


By Thursday January 28th, 2010 No Comments

As I write, many hundreds of thousands of Malaysian Indians, fellow Malaysians and foreign tourists will be descending on Batu Caves, thronging the streets of Penang and filling temples throughout Malaysia in celebration of Thaipusam, the great annual Hindu festival. I’m looking forward to join in the festivities tonight.

For Tamil devotees bearing the traditional burden of kavadi, it is an occasion of atonement and humility.  For the curious-minded, it is a thrilling opportunity to learn about another culture and religious belief, and in doing so learn something about themselves. For all Malaysians, it is another chance to exhibit our appreciation for the cultural wealth we have long enjoyed as a nation, in the spirit of 1Malaysia.

I hope that all witnessing this spectacular event will enjoy its colours and sounds in a grand demonstration of harmony and unity.  I wish everyone a very Happy Thaipusam!    

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