The Dates Are Set: The Time For Action Is Now

By Thursday April 11th, 2013 No Comments

Yesterday, the Election Commission announced that polling day would be on May 5th, with candidates being nominated on April 20th. That leaves the rakyat just three weeks before the time comes for all to determine the future of our nation.

If peace and progress is what you desire, I ask that you continue to support Barisan Nasional. In these past five years, the transformation programmes we have implemented have brought Malaysia much success. Today, you see the results of our hard work in the economic progress we have made and the various 1Malaysia initiatives.

However, our responsibility does not end here. With the cornerstones we have laid, there is much more we can do if you give us a strong mandate. In continuing the tradition of fulfilling our promises, Barisan Nasional has launched a new manifesto. You can see some of our key pledges here as infographics – do share these with your family and friends.

Soon, we will be announcing our line-up of candidates that we will be fielding. These are men and women dedicated to serving the rakyat who share the same concerns as you and I and they will serve their constituents to the very best of their abilities. I hope that you will take the time to learn more about them, the improvements they want to make and the vision that they have for their constituencies and the country.

Today we have launched the first part of our Online Action Kit which you can download here to show your support online. With your support, we can continue enacting the changes needed to realise Malaysia’s vision of peace, progress and prosperity in the years to come.

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