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#TanyaNajib 2013 Budget

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This session can be viewed LIVE via my YouTube channel.

In just a few days’ time I will present the 2013 Budget to Parliament. But whilst I have the honour of presenting it, the final Budget has been produced after taking into consideration countless proposals from the Rakyat. Thanks to your input, this truly represents something made by the people, for the people – and I hope that my fellow Malaysians will see that from the issues that it addresses.

The Budget has a big impact not just on our economy, but on our society, so I want to continue the conversation after it has been announced. That’s why I will host another “#TanyaNajib” session on Wednesday (3rd October) 9.00pm, which will give you the chance to ask me questions about the measures that have been announced. I’d like to invite all Malaysians, whether urban, rural, subject matter experts, athletes, Malaysian artistes and foreigners in Malaysia to be part of this #TanyaNajib session. I recall that earlier #TanyaNajib session such as the one held on 11th January 2011 received an overwhelming response on Twitter. I answered some questions on YouTube and the questions were ranging from private to serious questions like our economy.

As the Budget is a huge initiative, I thought a second #TanyaNajib would benefit all of us. For this next #TanyaNajib: Bajet 2013 session, I will be using a spectrum of my online platforms for maximum communication effectiveness. Ah Jib Gor , Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and so on. I will host it on my Google+ account [click here to +1 me] as well as taking questions from other social media. This session can be viewed LIVE via my YouTube channel. Follow me on Twitter and Facebook for more information on how to participate.

I encourage you to take this unique opportunity to help shape a lively and meaningful discussion for the benefit of all Malaysians.I look forward to hearing from you then!

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