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You may have noticed in the last month or more that many nationally-recognised local companies have introduced into their advertising campaigns a logo very similar to the 1Malaysia logo, which you can see on my website. This is a conscientious and voluntary effort by many GLCs and local companies to show their support for the 1Malaysia concept and the principle behind “People First, Performance Now”.

While the logo represents the expectations and call for a united Malaysia based on its principles, I have also communicated that this logo goes beyond a concept but is demonstrated through a ‘People First, Performance Now’ touchpoints campaign. The number ‘1’ can represent various meanings; being the best, at the top, time commitments and uniqueness, among others.

In the near future you will see this logo – in its various manifestations – appear more frequently by these companies. What this means for you is this: wherever they appear, you will be ensured that the companies’ best efforts will reflect the ‘People First, Performance Now’ principle. Whether you are queuing up to pay your bills, or submitting an application, this logo will serve as a commitment that your needs will be attended to effectively, in the spirit of “People First, Performance Now”.

In due course, a selected number of ministries will also roll out pilot implementations in the same principle of public service. The performance of these ministries at key public touchpoints will be monitored to ensure successful implementation. Once it achieves the desired result in terms of elevated level of service, the government intends to roll out this service system on a larger scale.

All entities, whether ministries, agencies, the private sector or education institutions are invited to adopt this logo as a commitment to delivery. My only wish is that this is used responsibly and the commitment is honoured. By using this logo you are accepting accountability, and accepting constructive response from those you serve.

This principle I believe resides no longer in the sphere of the administration, but applies to all Malaysian organisations as a crucial ingredient towards embracing a culture of high performance. Hence, I extend an invitation to you to make use of this logo in the same vein – to evolve into a nation that is powered by the desire to perform to the best of their abilities, for the best interests of Malaysia and its people.

You can learn more about the logo here and here. You can also contact my office for more information on logo usage.

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