Statement on Church Attacks

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I condemn this act of intolerance and all others like it. These incidents of violence, or any threatening act motivated by religious, social, or political differences, are a threat to our harmony and stability. Malaysians are shocked by these actions and I strongly condemn them.

This divisive event, and others like it, do not represent Malaysia or Islam. They don’t represent our families, our communities, or the effort we have all made toward strengthening 1Malaysia.

An investigation into this matter has already been launched, and those responsible will be brought to justice.

The police have been ordered to tighten security around religious places including churches to ensure that there are no further instances of violence. We cannot allow this to happen again to any place of worship.

Malaysia prides itself on respecting all religions and pursuing peaceful, legal channels to resolve our differences. We encourage our citizens to responsibly voice their opinions, but violence is never an acceptable method of expression.

Malaysia is a multi-racial and multi-religious country with a history of peaceful coexistence between Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus and others. Many Malaysians practice Christianity, and have done so freely.

We will not tolerate activities that endanger or threaten our fellow citizens.

Dato’ Sri Mohd Najib

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