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As you all know, I am a fan of various kinds of sports. These past two weekends I was lucky enough to indulge in my enthusiasm for football, car racing and golf! Here are some photos of the three sporting events I attended. Whenever I can, I’ll post more photo blogs for my readers to enjoy.

1Malaysia Cardiff City Junior Football League. (10 April 2011)

Malaysian Juniors in the making. Can you name the sports personalities with me?

Great to meet the kids

Very happy to receive the Cardiff jersey but at heart, I am still a Manchester United fan. Sorry boys.

I felt the pressure of scoring as everyone was looking.

Sepang Formula 1 Circuit (10 April 2011)

Tour of the pit

I was introduced to the teams sponsored, either fully or partially, by Malaysian companies

I have always wondered what it is like to be behind the wheel of one of these cars

I heard that Rain has more Malaysian fans than I do

Malaysia Open Golf (17 April 2011)

I got to catch up Datuk Seri Wahid Omar

The best way to enjoy golf

Congratulating Matteo Manassero on his win.

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