Sound Inputs from Our Budget Roundtable

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My Roundtable session ended on 17th July after two weeks of discussion with fellow Malaysians. With the topic “A Budget for Sustainable Growth”, I took this opportunity to yet again connect and communicate directly with the Rakyat, pursuing your ideas on the upcoming 2012 National Budget as how I have done previously for the current 2011 Budget.

I am pleased to see many sound ideas and suggestions being proposed, all of which are valuable inputs for me, in formulating the upcoming 2012 Budget. Among all the submissions received, I noted that the top three areas mostly commented on were on issues relating to the civil services, education and public welfare.

Some of the inputs given by participants of the Roundtable touched on the quality and remuneration structure of the civil services sector, the inculcation of creativity and innovation in the education system and the heightening of assistance for the development of the lower-income group, to name a few.

There were also solid ideas on agriculture, consumerism, entrepreneurship, welfare and transportation, all of which are important inputs for me to better understand the landscape of the Rakyat’s concerns.

Your inputs have been forwarded to the Ministry of Finance for consideration and yesterday, I had my first meeting to discuss the 2012 National Budget. Thank you to everyone who participated in the discussion, as well as those of you who posted ideas through my blog. I hope you continue participating in the discussions and help me in our journey of transformation together.


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