Some website developments

By Thursday March 26th, 2009 No Comments

While I have been immersed in the UMNO general assembly and the forming of UMNO’s new leadership line-up, I am also bringing in some fresh perspective to this website by introducing a new logo. Even my children shared their opinion on the logo, which I have taken into consideration. While the current logo aesthetically represents Malaysian unity, I feel the logo should be more reflective of the transformation that I intend to bring about to Malaysia, with your support.

I wanted the logo to be easily identifiable and relatable to all Malaysians. Most importantly, it must represent the diverse yet united Malaysia that we all aspire to achieve. Please check back regularly as the new logo will be unveiled soon.

Meanwhile, another 1MALAYSIA initiative is coming to a close. To those who have submitted your entries to the Photo Contest, thank you and good luck! For those of you who are eligible and interested in participating, please do so by March 31st. I will be selecting the winning entries soon after and look forward to meeting the winners in person.

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