Signing Ceremony of Felda Global

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Yang Berhormat Dato’ Haji Ahmad bin Haji Maslan;
Deputy Minister in The Prime Minister’s Department,

Yang Berbahagia Tan Sri Dr. Mohd Yusof Noor;
Chairman of Felda Global Ventures Holdings Sdn Bhd,

Yang Berbahagia Dato’ Dzulkifli Abd Wahab;
Director General of Felda,

Yang Berbahagia Dato’ Mohd Bakke Salleh;
Chief Executive Officer of Felda Global Ventures Holdings Sdn Bhd,

Board Of Directors,

Distinguished guests,

Ladies and gentlemen,

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh and a very good afternoon.

Ladies and gentlemen,

1. I am delighted to be here today to witness yet another important milestone for Felda Global.

2. Since its launch in July last year, Felda Global has made remarkable progress in its efforts to become one of the leading international players in agribusiness.

3. Felda Global’s growth, and the 1-year anniversary of its first agreement to establish a major livestock project, comes at an important point for our nation’s development: Malaysia is overly reliant on beef and milk exports and must develop domestic supply options to meet the growing needs of our population. Currently we produce only 25% of the beef consumed in Malaysia and, more surprisingly, only 5% of our domestic milk supply. This places an unnecessary burden on Malaysian consumers, who must pay higher prices for imported beef and milk, and limits our own economic development by making us overly reliant on outside entities to supply our food. I think you would agree that this situation is neither sustainable nor economically responsible given the population growth forecasts for our country in the coming decades.

4. This is why the incorporation of Felda IffcoAllana Malaysia is so crucial. As Felda undertakes key activities across the value chain of the livestock industry, the collaboration between Felda Global, Allanasons, and Felda IFFCO that is expected to commence later this year will make a significant contribution to how Malaysia builds greater self-sufficiency in the future and develops one of the largest Halal meat production centers in the region.

5. Apart from its potential to generate high commercial value, the project, which will pool the experience, resources and expertise of Felda Global, Alanasons and Felda IFFCO, is expected to bring socio-economic benefits to a variety of different stakeholders. FELDA settlers and other smallholders, for instance, will have the opportunity to earn additional income through their involvement in the project. Allanasons, with a wealth of relevant experience and expertise in the industry, will provide the knowledge and technical know-how to Felda Group, settlers’ community and other local smallholders throughout the country. And the project may also be integrated with other FELDA Settlers’ initiatives. All of these opportunities are possible as the project gains momentum.

Ladies and gentlemen,

6. As FELDA and its partners launch the FIAM initiative to create a leading source of beef and milk supply in Malaysia, I encourage all parties involved in this historic undertaking to build the business with a focus on corporate responsibility and sustainability. The studies and deliberations on the project detail how the initiative will transform the agriculture sector into a vibrant industry and a major driver for the Malaysian economy. It is important that you set the trend for making a positive impact on the broad community that depends on you, from settlers to shareholders to consumers. We all have high expectations that FELDA’s work will earn strong social and economic dividends in the years to come.

Ladies and gentlemen,

7. In closing, I would like to call your attention to another agreement signed today: a strategic collaboration between Felda Prodata Systems and Innovation Associates Consulting Group to provideconsulting, technology and managed services to corporate clients and Government agencies. The respective parties’ competencies are expected to fit well, thereby offering a unique value proposition to prospective customers while filling a unique gap in the market. To Felda Global, this project is expected to strengthen the Group’s IT capabilities, which have been identified as a strategic function to support the organization’s ambitious growth agenda.

8. I expect Felda Group has more value-add partnerships and collaboration opportunities in the pipeline. This is critical for FELDA if it is to face the challenges of globalisation and to pursue the journey of transforming itself into a world class agro-based multinational corporation. It is also essential to Malaysia’s long-term competitiveness and food production self-sufficiency.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

9. With these words and dengan lafaz Bismillahhirrahmanirrahim, it gives me great pleasure to officially launch the logo of Felda IffcoAllana Malaysia and to officiate the signing of the agreements. May Allah bless and guide our actions.
Thank you.

Wabillahi Taufiq Walhidayah Wassalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

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