Serve the people well, says Najib

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 KUALA LUMPUR: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak advised Barisan Nasional component party members not to be too obsessed with political posts to the extent of forgetting their duty to serve the people and eventually losing their support.

Najib, who is Barisan chairman, said the coalition leaders and party members must not maintain a “business as usual” attitude or remain oblivious to internal politicking.

“Such attitudes will put off the people and will not help the Barisan regain its strength.”

He said every Barisan component party should take a hard, honest look at itself.

“We must feel the people’s pulse, go down to the ground and understand the people’s problems. We must not underestimate the public.

“If we don’t do our jobs well and cannot capture their hearts, they will stop supporting Barisan,” he said at the opening of the PPP’s 56th annual general assembly here yesterday.

Najib also said that Barisan members should not harp on their party’s past glories but think of what they could do for the country now and in the future.

Najib said his 1Malaysia concept was a tagline for Malaysians to rally together to help make the country great.

“I don’t want anyone to run down Malaysia. I want outsiders to say Malaysia is a great nation.”

On PPP’s decision not to use the word race to denote men and women of different ethnicity, Najib said the Cabinet would discuss whatever views Barisan component parties had expressed.

Source : The Star

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