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Dato’ Seri Dr Shafie Haji Mohd Salleh,
Seminar Organizing Committee

Ladies and Gentlemen

First and foremost allow me to express my appreciation to the organizer for their gracious invitation extended to me to officiate at the closing ceremony for this seminar.

I would like to congratulate Dato Seri Dr. Shafie Haji Mohd Salleh and his management team for an excellent seminar. We wish them continuous success.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The global security outlook has never been uncertain since 9/11. The world decidedly has become less safe as the global war on terror have given rise to new and more unspeakable form of killing and maiming, there seems to be no quick exit in sight only a long drawn out attrition straining both resources and resolve. State sponsored terrorism has given way to terrorism executed by individuals and cells empowered by technology and fortified with a never before seen level of fanaticism.

Never before have the integrity and security of national borders been subjected to a challenge of this magnitude. Compounding this challenge is an integrated and globalized world economy where prosperity is increasingly dependent on a freer movement of goods, capital, information and people.

For a major trading nation like Malaysia whose continuous prosperity is dependent on global trade and investment a judicious equilibrium needs to be achieved between the requirement for border protection and the efficient flow of goods and people. We cannot afford to have a fortress mentality nor can we afford to have a lackadaisical attitude towards border security. It is in this crucial aspect where technology can play a pivotal role making security a less intrusive endeavor.

Towards this end I earnestly hope that all agencies who are the guardians of our national entry and exit points will plan and study thoroughly their overall needs to purchase needed equipments such as scanner machines and other security and safety related equipments to avoid waste and redundancy. The right machines and the most relevant technology therefore should be procured.

Ladies and Gentlemen

I was informed that this evening we are having a special ceremony involving Nuctech Company Limited of China, Malaysian Royal Customs and University Kebangsaan Malaysia. Nuctech Company Limited as the supplier of the scanner machines purchased by the Royal Malaysian Customs agreed to donate one unit Linear Accelerator machine to a local university as a transfer of technology pre condition. Subsequently University Kebangsaan Malaysia was chosen as the beneficiary of this agreement. This win-win approach taken by Royal Malaysian Customs deserves the utmost commendation deserving of emulation by other government agencies.

University Kebangsaan Malaysia, should take this opportunity in line with Malaysia aspiration to become a regional center of educational excellence to explore new technologies and discipline in developing their R & D capability.

Maybe in the near future we will see experts in linear technology not only able to maintain and repair scanner machines used in Malaysia but also able to produce it for the world market. I was informed the LINEAR ACCELERATOR MACHINE can generate several applications for purpose of radiobiology, medical, industry, physics research, and other usages in applied sciences. It is hoped that the R&D spin off from the Linear Accelerator Machine will expand the technology of radiation in Malaysia to support the development of world class inventions and innovations.

I hope that more collaboration will be forthcoming between China private sector and the Malaysian private sector. There is a sea full of potentials waiting to be explored. Nobody needs to fear an ascending China. In the historical liaison between the Ming Dynasty and the Malaca Sultanate starting from the beginning of the fifteenth century never once the naval fleet commanded by Admiral Cheng Ho seeks to scuttle Malacca independence in contrast to the actions of the Portuguese at the start of the sixteenth century.

In conclusion I would like to thank Nuctech Company Limited, Tsinghua University, and The Government of People Republic of China for their effort and cooperation to make this seminar and subsequent handing over ceremony a success. I hope this beneficial collaboration will be maintained and further built on.

With that final note I hereby declare that this SEMINAR ON THE LATEST TECHNOLOGY OF SCANNER MACHINE officially closes.

Thank You.

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