What a Remarkable Journey

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We have come a long way since my first blog post on September 19th, 2008. I remember recording my first video message to welcome visitors not only to my website, but to the concept of 1Malaysia. What a journey this has been!

Since embarking on this journey with my fellow Malaysians, I have been touched by your feedback, encouragement, and even constructive criticism on all manner of things. Through this website and my own personal social media platforms, I have been able to listen to the voices of Malaysians who make up our vibrant online community, and engage so many of you directly on matters affecting our nation.

I want us to continue on this journey, and to do that, I am making some updates to my personal website.

The first half of 2014 will be remembered for extraordinary tragedies. Like all Malaysians, I am deeply saddened by the loss of MH370 and MH17, and pray for the victims and their families, who remain in my thoughts. In times of sorrow, it is only right for us to unite in solidarity as one nation.

Since independence, Malaysians have remained unified as one, working towards shared goals: to improve our quality of life, and develop our nation. I believe that in order for us to fully benefit from what is undoubtedly our source of strength, we must come together as one, and build upon our common values and beliefs to achieve our common goal as one nation.

I gave this concept of unity and solidarity a name: 1Malaysia.

Over the last five years, the government has been working hard to make sure that the spirit of 1Malaysia is captured in policies that are inclusive, balanced and responsible.

Strengthening the idea of 1Malaysia, however, is not the duty of the government alone. It is for all Malaysians.

That is why has been invigorated, with a more interactive experience to encourage everyone to participate. This is your platform to play a proactive role in Malaysia’s development path – regardless of race, religion, or politics. Submit your ideas, your concerns and your needs. Your input will be considered and will contribute to government policy, insya-Allah.

Malaysia is on the brink of developed nation status. Committed as one, we can achieve this goal.

For my regular blog posts, as well as photos, videos and more, visit I will keep engaging with you on my personal website, just as I have for almost six years on

Thank you for playing your part in this journey so far. Keep your contributions on nation building coming on, as we move forward together.

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