Responsible Online Behaviour

By Friday July 29th, 2011 No Comments

Over the past weeks, there has been serious abuse of my online communication platforms, most noticeably on Facebook. My office has been closely monitoring the situation to ensure that any form of abuse or explicit language is removed from these sites.

In the spirit of having open and direct communication with the Rakyat, I will continue to allow the public access to my social media platforms. As it stands, I have over 800,000 Facebook ‘likes’ and close to 170,000 followers on Twitter. It would not be fair to deny many Malaysians the opportunity to interact with me because of irresponsible acts by a few. Even at the time of writing, I observe that more Malaysians have stepped up in support of civil dialogue and posting constructive comments. Do keep it up. I hope we as Malaysians can demonstrate responsible, respectful behaviour while commenting online.

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