Responding to More Blog Comments (2nd Edition)

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I was pleased to see the enthusiasm many of you have displayed for my last comment response blog entry. Alhamdulillah, I was able to spend some time to select a few more comments to respond to, and would like to share them with you below.

I hope the different interactive options available to you on my website will encourage more participation in the 1Malaysia dialogue. I look forward to receiving more blog comments and video questions from everyone.

From: Mazlan

Blog: More Economic Reforms

Assalamualaikum. Satu langkah yang baik untuk kemajuan industri kewangan Negara namun saya rasa penumpuan untuk meningkatkan daya saing bumiputera dalam ekonomi juga perlulah diberikan perhatian yang serius. Janganlah sampai Negara makmur tetapi bumiputera merempat. Saya amat berharap kerajaan berusaha memajukan lagi bidang pertanian kerana banyak tanah bumiputera gagal dimajukan oleh pemiliknya. Kampung-kampung tradisional terutamanya di Pahang masih gagal menjana ekonomi untuk penduduknya. Cubalah lakukan lawatan secara mengejut untuk melihat keadaan ini. Penyusunan semula struktur kampung tradisional ini saya rasa adalah amat penting dilakukan secepat mungkin agar mereka dapat sama merasakan kemajuan yang dinikmati oleh negara.

(Assalamualaikum. It is a good move to develop the national financial sector but I feel that serious attention should be paid to the improvement of the economic competitiveness of Bumiputeras. Don’t leave the Bumiputeras to suffer while the country prospers. I truly hope the government works to advance our agricultural industry as a lot of Bumiputera land is poorly developed by their owners. Traditional villages particularly in Pahang still fail to generate economy for its residents. Please make an effort to do a walkabout to see this. A restructuring of the traditional kampung is urgently needed in my opinion so everyone can enjoy the fruits of national development).

Dear Mazlan,

Waalaikumsalam wbt. Thank you for expressing your support for the economic reforms. I understand that at first glance, the decision to liberalise the economy may appear awkward for the Bumiputera, but I assure you that while we take measures to revitalise Malaysia with a new economic model, the needs of Malaysians are not overlooked.

The economic global landscape has change immensely over the decades. As such, Malaysia must transform itself to further enhance its competitiveness amongst other nations while at the same time, maintaining the government’s commitment towards promoting sustainable national agendas, which includes meaningful and effective Bumiputera participation. In this regard, the Government has established Ekuinas to manage Bumiputera participation in our economy. As you may be aware, Ekuinas has just established its management team very recently and is expected to announce its initial framework by end of August. Ekuinas must stand on a ruling that it will be commercially driven, provide genuine partnerships and meritocracy with investments focused on strong Malaysian companies. On a more micro-economic perspective, the Government is also working hard to further develop our small and medium enterprises via the SME Development Council.

I also agree with your suggestion regarding my walkabout programmes and look forward to do more of these. I often remind myself to take the opportunity to visit to some kampungs such as my visit in Sarawak some time ago.

From: Tony Manuel

Blog: Q&A Session on Video

Salam YAB Dato’ Seri,our beloved Prime Minister of Malaysia , we love our Country i believe that there is no place like this, around i have been to many parts of the world nothing like Malaysia, Dear PM Please help us Malaysians to battle the horrow of the snatch thiefs menace which has become so bad men like me fear to even stand on the road holding a hand phone this is not what Malaysia is all about and we are willing to help the police and any other agencies we sincerely want to fight crime as it is bad for the people and the country. We pray for your help Our Prime Minister

Dear Mr. Tony Manuel,

I have received a number of comments like yours on my website and do not take this issue lightly. Like many Malaysians, I have also heard first hand stories on the crimes that are happening around us. This administration recognises public safety as one of the National Key Result Areas which I had announced in my 100th Day Speech. Hence, the Government intends to take the responsibility to effectively reduce the crime rate in Malaysia by 20 percent by end of 2010. During the brainstorming with my colleagues in our many National KRA Meetings, we have concluded that three main areas of focus would be reducing our street crimes, improving existing voluntary organizations with adequate training and upgrading the performance of the enforcement agencies.

I am also continuously finding ways to manage our security with the current structural situations that we have. For example, we have extrapolated some numbers on the police force requirement in terms of our police to population ratio. While we need to increase the number of police officers with specific requirements, there are also other complements to it such as good training and security infrastructure. This comprehensive manner is one way of ensuring effective management of crime, which involves a plan that takes reasonable time.

From: Nurul Shafika Binti Ahmad

Blog: President Obama

Assalamualaikum. Mengapakah agama Islam masih diperkotak-katikkan oleh sesetengah pihak & negara serta penganut-penganutnya ditindas dari pelbagai segi seperti halangan beribadah; dituduh menjadi pengganas sehingga ditahan & dimalukan dalam tahanan seperti yang berlaku di Penjara Teluk Guantanamo; kitab suci AlQuran dikoyak oleh pihak berkuasa negara tertentu; dibunuh oleh tentera-tentera penceroboh seperti yang berlaku di Afghanistan & Iraq; serta halangan bertudung bagi kaum wanita? ini amat mengecewakan saya sebagai penganut islam. saya harap ini akan tamat selepas pemerintahan Presiden Obama ini. Janganlah menjadi Bush yang kejam lagi tidak berhati perut.

(Assalamualaikum. Why is Islam still being questioned by some groups and countries and Muslims persecuted in many ways such as being prohibited from performing prayers, accused of terrorism, arrested and humiliated in detention like in Guantanamo Bay; the holy AlQuran shredded by authorities of some countries; killed by invading military forces like in Afghanistan and Iraq; and prohibition of headscarves for women? As a Muslim I am disappointed. I hope this will end after President Obama’s administration. Don’t let this be another heartless Bush).

Dear Nurul Shafika,

President Barack Obama has made a gesture that the Muslim world did not see from his predecessor throughout his eight years in office. The speech delivered by President Obama in Cairo early last June was a watershed moment as the United States is now making a concerted effort to mend the frayed relations with Muslims across the globe. From an international perspective, I sincerely believe we will see a more positive relationship between not just the world leaders, but also the citizens of these countries, based on respect and open dialogue.

Malaysia is in a great position to share with the world its uniqueness of being a comprehensive Islam nation. I am also proud to mention that we do this in a way that is shared with our non-Muslim communities. Malaysia has many good examples to share with the world; a thriving Islamic finance industry, a comprehensive pilgrimage fund and administration system and syariah law to name a few. Malaysia should be proud of this and I believe that promoting and sharing the way we manage Islam in our country is one avenue to ensure that Islam can be understood and respected better by nations in the world.

This was also one of the subjects I had brought up in my conversation with a group of UiTM students during my walkabout there. While we form our expectations of others and demand respect for our religion and way of life, we must also be mindful of reciprocating the same feelings and respect. It is our role as Muslims to reflect the best qualities that the Quran and Hadith continuously speak of. By displaying the positive values of Islam – respect, knowledge-seeking, peace-loving – we will also be able to dispel widely-held stereotypes about the Muslim community and break the cycle of violence.

From: Qiang

Blog: Q&A Session on Video

大马的教育制度必须马上改善。 从以前, 学生就被训练成“贝多芬”。 只要能够背书,死读书,就能拿到 A。 但是, 非土著不知要会背书, 还要有运气。然是不可能上本地大学的,就算上了也是自己不中意的科系。 还有辅导老师拿来干嘛呢?没有受过训练, 随随便便就能当辅导老师。 请问如果在这里发表, 会不会被ISA逮捕呢?

(The Malaysian education system must be improved immediately. From the past, students were trained as “Beethoven.” As long as they can study hard they will able to get A. However, Non-Bumiputra not only have to study hard, they also need some luck to get into a local university. Even if they are able to get into a local university, it may not be the course they prefer. How about the role of counselor teachers – they don’t even undergo any training but can be counselor teachers. I wonder by asking questions here, will I be arrested under ISA?)

Dear Qiang,

Firstly, allow me to assure you that your question and comments are most welcomed in my blog. I have read a number of comments and heard from many throughout my years serving in government about the issue you have brought up. The government is committed to ensuring that deserving students are given the opportunity to further their studies.

As part of this commitment, the Government will create a new category of scholarships under Public Service Department (JPA) that will be offered to students next year, based totally on merit. The scholarship would be given to the most qualified students. This will enable Malaysia to remain competitive globally as we produce the best human capital pool for Malaysia.

From: LWX

Blog: 8 Values of 1 Malaysia – Part 7: Education

你好!请问,现在教育部所规定的考生只能报考十科科目的事情,是几时开始实行呢?是今年 form 4 的学生就开始只能报考十科吗?还是是明年的 form 4 学生才开始呢?因为现在有些form 4的学生已经准备报考 11-12 科了,现在这个规定让这些学生陷入不知该放弃哪些科目的状况!

(Hi, I’d like to ask when the Ministry of Education will start implementing the limitation of 10 subjects per examination? Will this be applicable to this year’s form 4 students or next year? Because some students have already registered to sit for 11-12 subjects this year and now are confused.)

Dear LWX,

Firstly, I would like to mention how encouraged I am to hear mature opinions and queries from the public of your generation. The Deputy Prime Minister, who is also Minister of Education, YAB Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin had announced that the limitation of SPM subjects per student will take effect from 2010. This means if you are sitting for the examinations this year, you are still able to sit for more than 10 subjects. For students taking them next year, please choose your 10 subjects wisely. All the best to you!

From: Mirian

Blog: 1Malaysia is Alive in Sarawak

Dato’ Sri, We are a living example of your 1Malaysia concept and had been practiced it since our forefathers, however how we wish this can be translated into a 1 development concept. In terms of infrastructure facilities we are way far off than west m’sia. Our basic infrastructure like road system are in very bad condition with potholes and bumps all over the place. this shouldn’t happen after we have attained 50 years joining the federation. We should be at par in deveopment with west m’sia to realise we are 1 malaysia..tq.

Dear Mirian,

I have made several visits to Sarawak in my first 100 days in office, perhaps more than I have visited other parts of Malaysia. This is because I believe that while the state best represents what I hope we can all achieve in terms of the 1Malaysia spirit, I also took the time to fully understand the needs of the people.

As a result, I have made several announcements in Sarawak already as well as on my 100th Day in office that I hope will address your concerns about the infrastructure and development in Sarawak and Sabah. This includes government’s commitment to upgrade the connectivity and accessibility to public amenities, such as electricity and clean water, and also to build more roads connecting the rural areas of Sabah and Sarawak. I can comfort you that the Government is already making inroads in your state and in Sabah as I monitor these developments closely.

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