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Last week I recorded a few more video responses to some comments posted on my blog. Below is one of them, on the upcoming tea event.

Author: Munah Rioh
Comment: Dear Mr. PM, It’s glad to hear that you are going to host a tea party soon. Perhaps Mr. PM should consider organizing one in Sabah & Sarawak so that we can have a session with you here…Looking forward for such event..
Blog: Tea with Online Friends

Thank you, Munah, for expressing your views. As you know I’m trying to explore new ideas and approaches so that I can get connected with the people, the Rakyat of Malaysia. I think this is important so that I can get feedback from them either through my blog or through face-to-face communication. The whole idea of having this tea party is that in a way I’m able to humanise myself, because the people who will have the opportunity to meet with me at the tea party will have a chance to interact face-to-face with me.

Unfortunately the demand has been overwhelming; more than 2000 people have registered and expressed their keen interest to join the tea party. I can only accommodate about 300. Certainly I will bear in mind some way in which I can relate to the people who are keen to meet with me in some other parts of Malaysia.

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