Responding to Comments – Inclusiveness in the NEM & Addressing Urban Public Transportation

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Below are two more responses to some of your comments on my blog. I’m pleased to see continued discussions on my website and on Facebook and look forward to addressing more of these in future videos and blogs.

Sender : Mboleh
Blog : Malaysia’s New Economic Model
Comment :
Dear PM, in my opinion, the NEW will not solve the country’s fundamental problems – discrimination policies and implementation. How can you get the best team to compete with other countries?

One of the tenets of the new economic model is to be inclusive. This is in line with the spirit of 1Malaysia so that every single Malaysian will feel that he or she is part and parcel of taking part in this journey towards transforming Malaysia and realising the fullest potential. And for us to be inclusive means that our policies must be fair and equitable, it must take care of not only the business interest but also, the emphasis is also on the 40 per cent of the lower income group. Those people need help and they will be given the necessary support by the government.

But in essence we need to have a look at how we develop our human talent, human capital. Not only producing them but also retaining talent. So the new economic model is all-embracing, all-encompassing and of course in the short term we may need to make some sacrifices, but I’m confident in the long term we may achieve our objective of transforming Malaysia into becoming a high income nation by the year 2020.

Sender : Wayne
Blog : Walkabout
Comment :
We really need an efficient public transportation system. The traffic, especially in big cities like KL and PJ are getting worse. I long for an efficient public transportation like those in Hong Kong and Singapore. You have my 100% support if initiatives to improve the current situation is made.

Thank you, Wayne, for raising this issue of public transport. The very fact that we have listed improvement in public transport as one of the major and National Key Result Areas indicates that the government is equally concerned that we should improve public transport, or significantly improve public transport. As you know, we have taken this as one of our main objectives, which is to increase the percentage of people using public transport, from 13 per cent of people in the Klang Valley, 13 per cent this year, to something like 25 per cent by the year 2025.

Some of the improvements we have done include the introduction of new four-car trains to the Putra LRT and by the end of next year, we should have about 35 new four-car train sets plying the LRT routes, and this has resulted in a reduction, quite significantly, of the waiting time. We have improved the RapidKL bus routes, including the buses on the expressway. We are pleased with KTM’s Female-Only Coach service, at the same time the KTM commuter service will be improved. The government is in the midst of ordering new trains for the KTM commuter service.

We hope that this improvement will not only be seen in the Klang Valley but also in areas like the Iskandar Region, where the government and the Iskandar Region Development Authority are developing a Bus Rapid Transit for better and improved connectivity.

I would also like to call upon our taxi drivers especially to undergo a change in their attitude and efficiency. Hopefully all these measures will lead to a much-improved public transport system in the medium term.

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