Report: PM Urges People To Work Together To Overcome Challenges

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KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 7 (Bernama) — Malaysia can overcome challenges and become a high-income and advanced nation if Malaysians remain united and work together to achieve that aspiration, says Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

He says the government is determined to do its utmost best to transform Malaysia into a high-income economy that is inclusive.

“Rest assured – no rakyat (people) will be left out as we strive for progress, prosperity and a better quality of life,” he says in the preface to the 2011/2012 Economic Report released today by the Finance Ministry.

Najib, who is also finance minister, says the government has put in place initiatives to accelerate the nation’s transformation into an advanced economy as well as further improve the well-being of the people.

“The imperative is to implement all planned initiatives and the 10th Malaysia Plan (2011-2015) projects. While we have made significant progress in various National Key Economic Areas (NKEA) initiatives, we must ensure expeditious and effective execution, more so in the light of increased external challenges,” he says.

Najib says that as such the private sector must commit to their investment and spearhead growth.

The government will continue to address issues such as human capital, liberalisation, public finance sustainability and development disparities to enhance the nation’s competitiveness and resilience, he says.

“We will also give greater focus to innovation and creativity as well as productivity improvement to accelerate industries to move up the value chain.

“More importantly, the transformation agenda that we have embarked on will energise and return the private sector to its role as the engine of economic growth, while the public sector continues to provide an enabling environment for private sector activity to thrive,” he says.

Najib says that to strengthen the facilitative role of the government, measures are being undertaken to make the civil service leaner as well as more flexible and customer focused.

Source : Bernama

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