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Q & A With Prime Minister (Talent Corporation)

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In my latest video I answer En. Zarul’s question:

I am among the thousands of Malaysians working overseas. What is Talent Corp’s main strategy to get us to return to Malaysia to make a living and lead a comfortable life as we have at present?

Enjoy the video below. Other videos are also available here:

Talent Corp Transcript

Talent Corp started work on January 1 and it’s focused on engaging Malaysians working overseas, so they are aware of the opportunities available in Malaysia, particularly in connection with the Economic Transformation Plan where many Entry Point Projects have been created which we, the Government, have been and will be announcing from time to time. Surely this shows that more and more opportunities are available in Malaysia.

In addition, our efforts to transform the country to a high-income nation, also means that the income of Malaysians will also increase in times to come.

If we look at the whole package, I believe that working in Malaysia is a very good choice. Aside from that, we will try to convince those who have yet to decide whether to work in Malaysia or outside the country to choose to work in Malaysia.

I am confident that when our economy grows more vibrant, we will see many Malaysians abroad keen to return home and work in Malaysia.

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