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Question from my Online Friend, Nidel Rose

The Rumah Pertamaku scheme has been launched but why is it so difficult to get a loan suitable to the income of Malaysians? As property prices continue to increase, it seems like those who have just started a family will have to go on renting without being able to buy a house as there is no control by the government on the prices of property. Houses built these days are priced only for the rich. Please prioritise the people first.

Please watch the video below for the answer.


The Government recognizes that home ownership is a necessity to the Rakyat. In the context of a rapidly growing economy, the price of land and property is expected to increase continually due to economic pressure. Had the Government not intervene in the economy, the prices of property would have continued to soar higher.

The Government has taken two steps in its intention to expand home ownership among the Rakyat, not only among the poor but also for the middle and low-medium income. Firstly, we want to control demand in terms of reducing speculative pressure. Among the steps already taken by the Government via Bank Negara and Ministry of Finance, are to re-introduce the Real Property Gains Tax, imposing certain requirements for those buying second homes and the increase of deposit.

That is in terms of the demand side, next we must also look into the supply side, that is, the supply of homes. The supply of homes must also be increased and this we have done through the Projek Perumahan Rakyat, among others. This is for the low-income group and we also have formed a new corporation, PR1MA, the 1Malaysia Housing Project, where the target market are those earning RM5,000 and below. The intention through this corporation is for the government to build more houses priced at RM350,000 range or at a maximum of RM400,000 and below, and we will be able to sell these to the low-medium income group.

In addition, as an additional step, the Government has also set a new policy for those who meet the conditions, i.e those who want to own their first home and earns an income of RM5,000 and below. They do not have to pay upfront money in other words, they can get 100% loans from financial institutions. This is a step that I believe will help a lot of people to own their own homes.

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