Purity Of Different Cultures Makes Malaysia Great Country, Says Najib

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SITIAWAN, Jan 29 (Bernama) — The purity of different cultures makes Malaysia a great country as it is spurred by pragmatic policies, especially the national transformation policy, said Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

The prime minister said no other country could match Malaysia in terms of cultural diversity that made Malaysia’s special.

“Besides, we are practising an open economic policy, a free market policy to maintain harmony in the country, including pro-growth and pro-business policies, let alone the national transformation policy,” he said at the national-level Chinese New Year open house at the Sitiawan airfield here, Saturday night.

He said the implementation of the national transformation policy would benefit all in the country.

“All races will get more benefits where more traders will reap bigger profit through facilitation funds that will help them gain broader economic opportunities,” he said.

He said the government has a clear direction as proven for past three years with many ideas unthinkable before translated into achievements.

Najib gave an undertaking that if the people continued to give the mandate to the government more positive changes to the social and economic landscape could be accomplished.

“I hope all races will join hands to achieve the desire to make Malaysia a developed and high-income country,” he said.

On culture, he said Chinese culture should be maintained as it was a privilege not available in other countries in Southeast Asia.

This is because the country’s founders had reached a consensus as they did not choose the path of assimilation, but instead integration and mutual respect among races, he added.

Najib also announced that the Johor Chingay performed at the biggest ever national-level Chinese New Year open house here would be gazetted as a national heritage.

Source : Bernama

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