Promote Education With Values, Says Najib

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MELAKA, Oct 13 (Bernama) — The establishment of the Malaysian Academy of Han Studies (MAHS) will help impart an education concept that not only promotes academic excellence but also positive values which are greatly needed by mankind, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

He said knowledge without being imbued with positive values could be a dangerous thing.

“There is such strong support for an education concept that promotes not only academic excellence but also the practicality of knowledge to bring happiness and peace to people’s lives,” he said during the ground-breaking ceremony for the academy here.

He cited Admiral Cheng Ho’s expedition to Melaka consisting of 317 ships and 28,000 crewmen which could easily have been an expedition to conquer the Malay Sultanate, as done by the Portugese and Dutch, as an example.

Najib said Cheng Ho’s expedition to Melaka turned out to be an act of friendship, goodwill and cooperation which the Muslim admiral extended to the Malay sultanate and its people.

“They (Admiral Cheng Ho’s expedition) had the knowledge to conquer the Malay Sultanate, but chose not to and instead cooperate,” he said, adding that this was a clear difference with the Portugese’s and Dutch expeditions to Malacca.

“Han” according to Najib, is an ethnic identity that encompasses 94 percent of the population of mainland China, making it the largest ethnic group on earth.

Historically, the Han Dynastic period is considered the “Golden Age” of Chinese history.

“Han studies can provide philosophical knowledge on human conduct with a focus on virtuousness and respect among mankind, which to my mind is greatly needed in this day and age,” said Najib.

Source : Bernama

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