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Prime Minister’s Message For Indian New Year & Vaisakhi 2015

By Monday April 13th, 2015 No Comments

New Year is the time when we celebrate our accomplishments and embrace the beginning of a better tomorrow. It is also the time when we look forward for new growth and opportunities. This, I am sure, will be the main thoughts of many in the Malaysian Indian community as they celebrate their New Year tomorrow. The Tamils will be ushering in “Chitirai Putthandu” while Malayalis celebrate “Vishu”. Our Sikh brothers and sisters on the other hand will be celebrating “Vaisakhi” that marks the birth of “Khalsa”.

As Malaysians, we are very fortunate to be able to celebrate various festivals of different ethnic communities in peace and harmony. Mutual respect and understanding among Malaysians of different racial and religious backgrounds has been the foundation of the peace and prosperity of our nation. It is our duty to protect and preserve this uniqueness in safeguarding our independence and sovereignty.

The Malaysian Indian community has always been a true partner to the Government in our efforts to build a better Malaysia for the current and the future generation. The strong “nambikei” or trust that has existed between the Government and the Indian community has contributed towards achieving remarkable outcomes by transforming the lives of many in the community over the last 6 years.

We remain steadfast in continuing our achievements and multiplying our efforts to ensure many more in the community are touched by our transformation initiatives. However, we will not be able do this alone. Rather, this is a journey that we will be making together based on the trust we have of each other.

In the spirit of 1Malaysia, I take this opportunity to call upon fellow Malaysians to join me and wish “Chitirai Putthandu Vaalthukal” and “Vishu Ashamsakal” to the Tamil and Malayali community respectively. To the Sikhs in Malaysia, “Aap Sab Nu Vaisakhi Di Lakh Lakh Vadai Hovey”.

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