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Prime Minister’s Message For Good Friday and Easter 2014

By Monday April 28th, 2014 No Comments

Salam 1Malaysia!

Christians and Catholics the world over commemorate Good Friday, followed by Easter Sunday this weekend. This is the most important celebration for the Christian and Catholic community, apart from Christmas.

As our Malaysian Christian and Catholic community observe this holy time in the Roman calendar, let us remember that Easter for our Christian and Catholic brothers and sisters brings about a message of hope and reconciliation. In this respect, let us take a moment to send our thoughts and prayers to all those on board Flight MH370 and their families.

Even as we go through trying times, I strongly believe that unity in diversity, coupled with perseverance is Malaysia’s source of strength in times of need.

The journey of the Malaysian Christian and Catholic community together with the government has brought about many positive changes in Malaysia. I acknowledge the Christian and Catholic community’s contribution to the Malaysian society.

In the spirit of 1Malaysia, the Government announced last Christmas that it would ensure any Malaysian Christian or Catholic who wishes to travel to Jerusalem for a pilgrimage would be able to do so.

In continuing this message of hope and reconciliation, I sincerely call upon all Malaysians to join me as we strive to make Malaysia a Better Nation for all.

With that being said, I wish all Malaysian Christians and Catholics, a wonderful Easter!

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