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Prime Minister's Message For Deepavali 2013 - Najib Razak
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Prime Minister’s Message For Deepavali 2013

By Thursday October 31st, 2013 No Comments

Prime Minister's Message In Conjunction With Deepavali 2013 | 1Malaysia.com.my

Deepavali is a festival that is celebrated by Hindus all over the world. In Malaysia, the festival of lights is especially significant as it is embraced by Malaysians of all faiths as an occasion to spread goodwill, peace and harmony. Beginning with the traditional oil bath by the Hindus to gathering with family and friends, open house tradition and serving of delicious Indian delicacies such as murukku and thosai, the festival of lights is certainly a national festival for Malaysians of all walks of life.

Deepavali signifies the victory of light over darkness. In this context, the festival is also a time for all Malaysians to come together to give thanks for our way of life and our achievements. Deepavali this year is very special for Malaysians, especially to the Indian community as they have chosen to continue lighting up their lives through a Government that can ensure Malaysia remains a peaceful and stable country. This is a victory to the “nambikei” between the Government and the Indian community in our efforts to uplift the Indian community. It is a sign that our transformation initiatives in the last 4 years have been well received by the community.

On this occasion, I take the opportunity to thank the Indian community for their trust and support in us to continue to lead the nation. As a responsible Government, we acknowledge that more needs to be done to ensure our initiatives and services reach every Indian in Malaysia who needs assistance. We are committed to delivering the promises we made to the Indian community in the 13th General Election. In order for us to effectively fulfil the promises, I call upon the leaders of the community, Indian NGOs and other stakeholders to work with me and the Government as we have a lot more work to do together.

I also call upon the community to continue their partnership with the Government based on the same trust that has been established. This effective partnership will continue to ensure a better quality of life for the present and coming generations. We do not want anyone to be left out in our nation’s progress and development.

In ending, I take this opportunity to wish “Deepavali Vaalthukal” to all Malaysian Hindus. Let us come together to join our Hindu brothers and sisters in celebrating this festival with the confidence that it will bring light and hope to all Malaysians.

Happy Deepavali.

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