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Prime Minister’s Message For Aidilfitri 1430H/2009M

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Assalamualaikum WBT and Salam 1Malaysia

Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Walillah hil Hamd

1.    Firstly, let us together raise our thanks to Allah SWT, for after successfully performing the third Pillar of Islam, we are able to celebrate the dawn of yet another Syawal.

2.    After one month of abstinence, today we commemorate our triumph against earthly desires, which the Holy Prophet Muhammad S.A.W as the greatest jihad by his people.

3.    As is customary for Malaysians, on the morning of 1 Syawal we will flock to the mosques to recite the takbir, the tahmid, and perform the Aidilfitri prayers before seeking forgiveness from each other and attending or hosting open houses.

4.    Alhamdulillah, we will be able to perform all these customs in peace and harmony, free of any fears or consternation for security, be it our own or of our family, and to perform them in a state of plenteousness.

5.    While it is the nature of a servant of Allah S.W.T. to be thankful for all His blessings, as Malaysians we have a multitude of reasons for which to give thanks. First and foremost, we are grateful to live in a free and independent country which gives us the freedom and assurance to observe the teachings of Islam thoroughly.

6.    In a time when the majority of Muslims across the globe live under various forms of oppression whether political, economic or psychological due to prejudices instigated by the global war on terror, we Muslims in Malaysia are blessed with a life of peace, prosperity and well-being.

7.    This did not materialise out of nowhere; it is the fruit of blood, sweat and tears sacrificed by our forefathers who strove for this nation’s independence and by our security forces from decades past until today, who presently, as we happily celebrate Aidilfitri with our family, are separated from their children, husbands and wives for the sake of responsibilities entrusted upon them. It is also the fruit of a responsible and farsighted government and an efficient and professional public service system.

8.    Although we live in a multi-ethnic country, it does not become a source of conflict and regression, rather we successfully harness it as a catalyst for unity and progress.

Ladies and Gentlemen:

9.    Sadly, there are hate-mongers who attempt to negate this fact. They attempt to sow the seeds of ingratitude in the minds of the people in a bid to achieve their narrow-minded goals. They claim that all governments in this world are equally good and effective, that prosperity, security and progress can be attained without due planning, diligent effort and rigorous monitoring.

10.    If there is any truth to their claims, then why do differences exist between nations, why are there countries that are developed, developing and even under-developed, why do famine and poverty continue to exist all over the world, as does ethnic-based genocide, if it is a fact that all governments are the same.

11.    To all, I remind you of the decree by Allah S.W.T. in the surah Ibrahim, verse 7, which states, “and (remember) when your Lord proclaimed: “If you give thanks (by accepting Faith and worshipping none but Allah), I will give you more (of My Blessings), but if you are thankless (i.e. disbelievers), verily! My Punishment is indeed severe.” Hence, realise that many civilisations and nations in the course of history have collapsed and been destroyed due to failure by their leaders and people to be thankful.

12.    Let us make the most of this festive season to mend and improve ties that have frayed amongst Muslims and also Malaysians. Let us mend bridges and build new ones that lead to a better understanding of each other. Let us demolish the barriers of prejudice, hatred and apathy for the sake of a brighter future for our children.

13.    Aligned with the concept of ummatan wassatan and the meaning of rahmatan lil-alamin, Muslims in Malaysia must bear the torch for unity and progress. Clearly, as the majority ethnic group we not only bear the right, but more importantly the responsibility.

14.    Seize the opportunity during this blessed day and blessed month to foster greater unity and goodwill amongst our people of diverse religion and race. Uphold the tradition of opening our doors and our hearts to everyone including our non-Muslim friends that we may celebrate this Hari Raya together.

15.    Indeed, this long-standing practice of open houses has become a comprehensive manifestation of the 1Malaysia concept. Let us continue to honour this tradition, as we are like one big family. A 1Malaysia family.

16.    To Malaysians who will be returning to your respective hometowns for this holiday, I urge you to be cautious while on the road. Let your return be welcomed by relatives amidst tears of joy, not of sorrow.

17.    Lastly, on behalf of my wife, children and I, I ask for forgiveness from all Malaysians for any mistakes or wrongdoing this past year. Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir Batin.

Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Walillah hil Hamd

Wabillahi Taufiq Walhidayah Wassalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh and thank you.

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