Ponggal 2012

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As all Malaysians approach 2012 with optimism and a renewed sense of purpose, we are once again reminded of the rich diversity that our country proudly supports and nurtures. ‘Ponggal’, or the festival celebrating the harvest is a special time for the Indian community. ‘Ponggal’ is about beginnings as it marks the start of the auspicious ‘Thai’ month in the Indian calendar and also happens to be the first major festival for Indians in this New Year.

As we share in the culture of our friends and their tradition of boiling milk and rice to mark the overflowing of bounty from our land, all Malaysians can indeed be grateful that Malaysia is a country of plentiful harvests and food. As Malaysians, we will continue to work together to transform Malaysia and therefore ensure that there is enough for all communities. I am happy that the commitment and the trust, or ‘nambikei’, of the Indian community to work with me is strong as this trust is vital as we transform Malaysia together.

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