PM: Up to police to ensure public order not jeopardised by July 9 rally

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SIPITANG (Sabah): The Government will leave it to the police to consider measures, including imposing Emergency, to ensure public order is not jeopardised by the planned July 9 illegal rally.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said maintaining law and order was the responsibility of the police and it would be up to them to decide actions.

“That is up to the police to consider according to the situation. It is their responsibility,” he told reporters after launching the Pesta Gata 2011 here Thursday, when asked on Opposition claims that the Government might impose Emergency law to stop the Bersih rally.

The Prime Minister also dismissed claims that Malaysia was moving away from democratic practices by not allowing street demonstrations.

He said the country’s election process was respected internationally for being free and fair, as proven when the Opposition gained grounds against the ruling government in the 2008 general election.

Najib, however, stressed that the Government was doing was its duty to the people who voted it in to provide a safe, secure and stable country.

“Rallies have the tendencies to bring about mob psychology. That is why we cannot take it lightly. This is something we will find hard to control and if this happens, it will jeapordise the people and country,” he added.

Source : The Star

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