PM Glad Blog Postings Opinionated but Civil

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KUALA LUMPUR: Despite his hectic schedule, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak spent some time responding to comments from visitors to his blog.

In his posting yesterday, Najib said he had read the comments and was pleased to respond to them.

“Insyaallah, I will do my best to respond to more comments when time permits.”

In his first reply, he said he was exploring more options to engage youths in the 1Malaysia dialogue through his website.

“I am also planning to conduct a walkabout involving Malaysian youths in the near future.”

A visitor named Albert had commended the government’s initiative to organise contests and activities based on the 1Malaysia concept. He also called for more interactive activities to get the message across.

On a comment by Sritharan Palanisamy that freedom of speech and expression should be limited to protect national peace and harmony, Najib said as a democratic country, all citizens should be given the opportunity to voice their opinions.

“I always believe the press and media should have their desired freedom in reporting but must behave in a responsible manner.

“So far, I am pleased that the tone of discussion in my blogs has been opinionated yet civil.”

He added that he hoped the spirit of healthy discussion and conversation would continue among Malaysians.

Source : Straits Times

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