People still prefer Barisan Nasional, says Prime Minister

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KUCHING: Barisan Nasional will continue to be the people’s choice because it is willing to listen to their needs and wishes, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said.

He said political parties operating in a parliamentary democracy like Malaysia must realise that if they did not adapt to the people’s wishes and make changes, they would be changed by the people.

“Therefore it is important for us to make changes as we have done all this while. The changes we have made can be characterised as top-down, but they are based on the needs and wishes of the people.

“That is why we have been able to avoid the tumultous events that have occurred in North Africa and the Middle East.

“And that is why in by-elections since Bagan Pinang, with the exception of Sibu, Barisan has won with a bigger majority,” he said when opening SUPP’s triennial delegates’ conference (TDC) here yesterday.

Najib said the litmus test for any political party was what happened at the ballot box.

“Despite all the speeches and campaigning, the ultimate test is whether you can convince the people at the ballot box to vote for you,” he said.

He added that the last general election had been a rude awakening for Barisan, when it lost five states and its two-thirds majority in Parliament.

However, he said Barisan had now turned the corner and there was more confidence in the ruling coalition across the nation.

Source : The Star

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