People First in the TPPA

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On behalf of Malaysia, Tok Pa signed the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement together with 11 other countries.

We have negotiated and signed many regional and bilateral trade agreements in the interests of the Malaysian economy and the rakyat. These agreements play an important role in creating a more competitive environment, allowing for the greater provision of services, which benefits individual citizens as well as businesses – both big and small.

TPPA is no exception. However, this has not been an easy journey for the Government, as criticisms have been thrown at us that were clearly politically motivated and blinded with emotions.

From the beginning, the Government has taken a transparent and democratic approach in relation to all matters concerning the TPPA. Countless consultations were held with the rakyat, the key economic stakeholders, policy makers, and experts from various fields through the negotiation phases and in the run up to the ratification of the TPPA.

If we wish to continue along the path to progress, we must embrace and not fear competition. And I truly believe that we, Malaysians, stand to gain far more with greater market access under the TPPA – a trade pact that many neighbouring countries are now looking to participate in too.

I pledge and stress here, once again, that the Government will always place the People First in the TPPA. This is reflected by the fact that the government negotiated for the bumiputra agenda to be included in the TPPA and, indeed, we were successful in doing so. It is now not just nationally recognised – it is internationally recognised and protected. This shows that Malaysia has fought for and won a good deal for our people.

We are committed to protecting the interests and sovereign rights of our citizens, and help them to grow stronger in what is an increasingly inter-connected global economy.

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