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Below is a press release prepared by my office on the contest to find the 1Malaysia song. 10 songs have been shortlisted for you to choose from.Click here to listen to the songs and rank them all from 1 (favourite song) to 10 (least favourite song).


Ten finalists have reached the second round of a 1Malaysia song competition, “Lagu 1Malaysia Kita”, a contest to both capture the spirit of 1Malaysia and encourage Malaysians to think of what 1Malaysia means to them. Inspired by YAB Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Haji Abdul Razak, Prime Minister of Malaysia, the contest will see the final winner chosen by public votes. Among other avenues, the final songs could also be heard from the 1Malaysia website at on which the winning song will be announced on Merdeka Day, August 31st.

“I encourage all Malaysians to get in to the spirit of 1Malaysia,” said Dato’ Sri Najib. “Do visit the 1Malaysia website, listen to the songs, and vote for your favourite. I want this to truly be a song from the hearts of ordinary Malaysians, for Malaysians, and chosen by the Malaysian people.”Audio recordings of the final selections are available on the 1Malaysia website,

The idea for the competition was initiated by Dato’ Sri Najib who wanted a song that represents the spirit of 1Malaysia, that was written and chosen by the people. A few weeks ago a private radio station took up this call and carried out a nationwide search for a song that embodies the spirit of 1Malaysia.

“I am extremely happy and excited with the response,” said Dato’ Sri Najib. “In fact, the top ten finalists are made up of a wonderfully diverse group that ranges from well-known composers to complete unknowns, covering all races, genders, age groups and backgrounds. The spirit of 1Malaysia is truly in the hearts of Malaysians and I hope everyone will vote for a song they feel truly represents the meaning of 1Malaysia to them.”

In just 9 days, over 350 submissions were received, representing virtually all of Malaysia’s diverse communities. As part of the celebrations leading towards Malaysia’s 52nd Merdeka Day, Dato’ Sri Najib hopes that the whole nation will participate in choosing a 1Malaysia Song as the competition now draws to the final songs. Dato’ Sri Najib also said that he hoped that all the Malaysian media will play their role to promote the search for the winning song.
“I hope that this contest will help inspire all of us to accept one another with the mutual respect that is at the heart of 1Malaysia,” said Dato’ Sri Najib. “Let us also not forget to reflect on the struggle for Merdeka that our forefathers sacrificed for. It is only as one united nation that Malaysia can truly succeed. We must remember that our diversity is our strength. This song contest is about capturing that spirit.”

The winning songwriter, apart from receiving a cash prize, will also see their song made into a music video. Both the winning song and accompanying music video will be distributed to media nationwide. While the public can listen to the audio recordings and vote on the final selections on, voting through sms and other platforms will also be announced accordingly. Dato’ Sri Najib intends to introduce the winning song during the Merdeka Day celebrations on the 31st of August.


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